- Opera Customizations

User JavaScript Addons

A couple of User JavaScript Addons for Opera that add some nice features:

Important Notes:

  1. These customizations/scripts were intended for Opera 9.
  2. This is an archive, and is here for nostalgia and in case someone needs to link to something contained here without looking it up on's Wayback Machine.
  3. Operapedia does not work with newer versions of Opera. I would believe it only works with versions older than Opera 9.5. It's also no longer necessary, as most search engines display info from Wikipedia next to search results these days.
  4. OSpell became obsolete once Opera 10 was released. Proper spell checking was added in Opera 10 and OSpell should now be considered non-functional.
  5. I did not make either Operapedia or OSpell. I merly provided downloads for them. Each article provides credits on who created the original scripts.

Custom Toolbar Setups

To install my custom toolbar setups for Opera, just click the following links (the installation only works in Opera 9):

After installing the Firefox-like toolbar setup, you will need to press Ctrl+F8 twice on your keyboard to properly remove the old address bar. I am not certain if this is due to a bug in my setup, or a bug in Opera.

Custom Search Fields

To add Wikipedia, Yahoo!, and searches to Opera, just click the following links (again this only works in Opera 9), and drag the field that it creates onto the proper toolbar (Please note that I have no idea if any of these still work with current versions of Opera, and that they are being kept here for nostalgia):