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Your In-Line Spell Check for Opera

Note: This no longer works, and should not be used. See the parent page for an explanation.

The OSpell UserJS script is a JavaScript customization for the Opera Web Browser. It allows in-line spell checking at the click of a button, or the tap of a couple keys. The script was made by Sombria with a little help from d.i.z., and is the latest evolution of the Orangoo Spell Check scripts for Opera.

If you need help installing this script, then you can watch this Flash video. If you don't want to watch the video on Jumpcut, or are having trouble viewing it, then you can download the video in OGG/Theora (5.1 MB) and XviD (4.8 MB) formats. It shows the basics of setting up UserJS for the first time. If you already have UserJS set up, you do not need to create a new directory for OSpell, but simply need to save it in your current UserJS directory. Either format will play in VLC Media Player, MPlayer, and Xine. To play the videos in Windows Media Player, you will need to install codecs for OGG that support Theora video, or for XviD Video.

This UserJS is split into two scripts, OSpell (download v1.06) and OSpell Preferences (download v1003). The preferences file has been updated for the 1.0 final release of OSpell, so make sure to download the new preferences script when you download the latest OSpell. Please remove older versions of OSpell before you download this, as they could interfere with each other, and not work at all. That applies for Orangoo Spell Check as well. When using this, it is best if you do not have any other in-line spell checking scripts installed.

The OSpell Preferences script is entirely optional, and allows you to define your own custom settings, including which engine to use (line #16) and if the script should not display the language selector (uncomment line #19). You can open this in a simple text editor, such as WordPad (no, it won't work open right in Notepad), Notepad++, CrimsonEditor, etc. By default I have the spell check engine set to use the server provided by fearphage, but it can be easily changed in the preferences.

If you need to ask questions, or want to make a suggestion, then please feel free to leave a post in the My Opera Comunity official forum topic or in my OSpell forum (and yes, I did fix them again on 1-5-2008).

Here are some of the new feaures of OSpell:

  • It can use either Orangoo spell check, or the GMail spell check as it's engine. This option is easy to change in the preferences on line #16 (refer to the comment on line #15 for more info).
  • It is as fast as Orangoo Spell Check version 3, but the code is smaller, and all contained in one script.
  • Support for spell checking in text fields (single-line fields) in addition to text areas (multi-line fields).
  • External preferences can be set in OSpell Preferences script. This makes upgrading easier, as you won't have to set up OSpell every time a new version is released.
  • The combo box that allows you to select your language can be easily disabled in the preferences. Just edit line #19 and remove the two slashes "//" from the left side. You can also define which languages you want the script to show in the combo box on this line.

Here are some of the features that the script has inherited from the Orangoo Spell Check scripts:

  • Works inline with no popups.
  • Works with textareas added dynamically through JavaScript.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+, (comma) to activate spellcheck, Ctrl+Enter to accept changes, and Ctrl+' (apostrophe) to cancel spellcheck.
  • Easy keyboard navigation. Use spatial navigation (hold Shift while presing arrow keys) to navigate misspelled words. Press numbers 1-9 to select from listed suggestions for a misspelled word, or press 0 to keep original word.
  • Support for RTL text.
  • Various other small tweaks and changed.