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Old Opera Web Browser Junk

This subdomain is an archive of old webpages related to very outdated versions of the Opera web browser (years before they redesigned it based on Chromium).

Many years ago I offered to host a couple of User JavaScripts for the Opera web browser. One of them would display a relevant Wikipedia page in a Google search (Operapedia), and the other one acted as a sort of spell check back before Opera Software added a proper spell checker to their browser (OSpell). I did not create either of these scripts, and it has been many years since I have been in contact with their authors.

All of the other stuff here is outdated as well, including the old instructional videos, and shouldn't be used. They're being left here for reference in case someone needs to link to them at some point in the future, and doesn't want to have to try to find what they're looking for on's Wayback Machine.