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Opera Web Browser Related How-To Videos

Note: These videos were made 10+ years ago, and are no longer relevant. They are kept here as part of an archive.

On this page I have a collection of how-to videos which attempt to explain how to do things like installAdobe Flash and Java.

The following videos show you how to install the three most common plugins while using Opera, and how to verify that they are working. I have them available in three video formats; Theora, XviD, and DivX. All three formats can be played using VLC Media Player, although if you prefer to play them using Windows Media Player you can install the XviD Codec (note that the XviD versions are smaller, but are the same quality) and the OGG Codecs For Windows (note that Theora video is covered by the OGG codec). Please remember that any Linux related videos were created on Fedora Linux, and therefore some of the steps might vary in other types of Linux (such as Ubuntu).

Theora Versions:

XviD Versions:

DivX Versions:

I have not made these into Flash videos. If there is enough user demand for Flash videos, then I can convert them, but for now I don't have any plans to do so.

These videos were made by me, the owner and maintainter of this website. You can freely edit and redistribute them at will, as long as you make sure to mention me and this site either in the edited videos, or on whatever site you put the videos. I do require that you do not use the videos for financial gain (aka, don't sell them, or charge for viewing them). The videos are free, so keep them that way.

The Opera Web Browser is a product of Opera Software ASA of Oslo Norway, and they own all respective copyrights and patents.